Ten years after his departure, my friend and former minister at my church, Randy Hahn, returned to my church to preach a powerful message for the start of our Global Impact Conference.

He is a man of honor. Randy played such a valueable role in my life, as a friend, mentor, minister and example. Randy is the reason that I started running, the reason I ran my marathon, the one that set the example of a daily time with the Lord, the example of a godly husband. We served together, he did our premarital counseling, and married my wife and I, along with Pastor Mike. It was Randy that I went to with tears in my eyes, saying that I knew God wanted me to start this ministry. He was and is a man of honor.

Hearing him speak was not just inspirational to me but my son, Seth, even more so who was greatly moved.  It is obvious that his power came from God and from having a life sold out to God. After he spoke, a hundred or more people surrounded him to greet and hug him.  Seth, and I joined them. I wanted my son to meet Randy.   It is important to me that Seth follow the example of honorable men rather than men lifted up as cultural idols.

A few years ago, Seth and I took a 10-hour trip to attend the funeral of my friend and mentor, Alan Medinger. I told my son that the reason so many people from across the country were coming to the man’s funeral was because he was a man of honor.

Lord, may I be a man of honor! May the self-focused cycles of life all wash away so all that is left is a focus on You. I love You and I need You! Help me be a man of honor. Amen.

The fear of the Lord teaches a man wisdom, and humility comes before honor. Proverbs 15:33

8 thoughts on “I Want to be a Man of Honor

  1. NIce Mckrae, I can’t quote the scipture that this reminds me of,but Iam sure it’s in proverbs also. First seek the honor of God and He will give you a good name by men… Nice first blog,and I don’t normaly read blogs. Sadly I have’nt even read my wifes (yet). she’s been blogging for over a year now…I feel so old school…..lol blessings my friend…..

  2. McRae, Alan Medinger, in my opinion, was the best SSA writer of all. I have several of his articles stored on my computer and have sent them out to other men via e-mail over the past several years. I miss his writings; always right on target.

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