New YearWe stayed up and watched the ball drop and clinked our glasses of sparkling cider. Fun! I love my family!!!!

Caroline, watching the NBC ball drop show said, “I just saw two guys kiss.” She looked at us, not knowing how to respond. I simply said, “that’s the world sweetie.” She didn’t know what to think. She’s yet to learn of my past and the true work of Truth Ministry. Seth knows but he doesn’t like to talk about it or anything, he just likes being with his dad and likes being at the office and is proud of me and my work.

I’m such a lucky man!! We don’t have earthly wealth, but I have my family, to whom I am so so proud of. We have love; we have each other.

2012 had its ups and downs, personally, family wise, ministry wise, etc. However I matured through it. I grew so much, especially having my new friend Rex Blanton come into my life and become an accountability partner, friend, and board member. The Lord brought he and other men into my life to make life easier to walk.

I became a more honest man in 2012. I admitted to the world my ongoing struggles with SSA, and didn’t die. I enjoy life way better, not trying to be anything more than I am–a man trying to pursue God, love his family, and help others do the same.

The devotional titled The Line in the Sand for today, was excellent. It draws the sharp contrast between what I must continue to do on a daily basis. I must choose whom I serve. I don’t always do a good job at that. My goal for 2013? To walk humbly and bravely and purely for The Lord; to be a good provider for my family; to be the best husband and father possible; to serve others as they attempt to do the same; and to proclaim the gospel in every avenue possible.

Lord, I pray that I will be found worthy of all I have before me. Help me to stand this year, stronger than I have in years past. May I be less anxious and less fearful this year. May maturity grow deeper into me, that I may be more grounded in who I am in You.

I love You Lord!! I need You in every way in every day. MG

2 thoughts on “The Start of a New Year

  1. McKrae, I respect your honesty, that comes with so much courage. Your devotional, The Line in the Sand, was a provoking declaration of our Christian society. We Christians, have become timid to being bold for Christ, for fear of hurting someone’s feelings, instead of leading them to the truth, which sometimes hurts. I love that you have brought that scripture to the forefront to settle in our minds, not to be lukewarm, but hot, “on fire”,for Christ. Thank you for your blog and God’s word that you so boldly bring before us. God bless you.

    1. Thank you Nylene.

      Just so we’re clear, the devotionals are only posted by me but not authored by me. They are authored by an anonymous godly gentleman with an SSA background.

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