ImageWhat a great weekend I had with Seth!

I gave Daddy my old iPhone, while having him down here for Christmas and spent three days teaching him how to use it. Now back at home, it wasn’t working and he and his friends couldn’t figure it out. I had already planned to drive up to see him and put in a door in his cabin to the bathroom. There was just a sheet. It didn’t bother Daddy, as he’s satisfied in his little four room cabin that he’s left with after his third marriage has left him with little else. But he’s got a gorgeous view that looks out over the river in Whittier.

Saturday morning, Seth says, “let’s go to Grand-Daddy’s and put up his door for him.” I had told Seth and Dad that we were going to do this as part of his Christmas. I thought, “Well, I don’t have anything else planned.” Julie was okay with it, so we loaded up and headed out for the two hour drive to Dad’s, and brought along the bikes to ride around Deep Creek.

We pull up at Dad’s, unload, measure the door, and head to Lowe’s in Sylva. While in Sylva we went out to dinner.

The next morning, Sunday morning, we got up. Dad made us breakfast–French toast and sausage, then we put up the door. It looked great, and Dad really appreciated it. I noticed two other openings in his cabin that needed doors too. I told him those would be our next projects. The night before I got the phone fixed and got him a Facebook account. Some training on Facebook, some friend requests, and some pictures and he’s up and running to see what everyone else sees when we post pictures, etc.

After eating breakfast, I washed the dishes. Dad said, “You don’t have to do that.” I told him that I’ve learned that life is about serving, and I enjoy serving others. We talked about marriage and other stuff around being selfless and serving.

I’m so glad we took this trip up to see Dad. I used to be so mad at my Dad, because he had been a disappointment to me. I guess I never thought about how I might had been a disappointment to him growing up. None of that matters now. Today, I love my dad and he loves me. I love my son, and he loves me. Each of us has something valuable for the other.

As I left, I saw how my dad’s very steep driveway was incomplete. He pours it one pad at a time, as he has money and energy. I told him that Seth and I would help him finish his driveway. I kept looking around for things I could do to help him, to serve him, to love him.

The Lord changed my heart toward my dad a number of years ago, and it continues to grow.

What a great trip.

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