20130131-064155.jpgI feel very thankful that I never had the wrong thinking of the temptations going away or altering into the opposite. Instead, I would ask The Lord what He wanted me to do. He told me: “tell your parents and everyone you accepted Christ and have walked away from homosexuality, get rid of your gay relationships, throw everything away that represented that way of life, go talk to this pastor, then this one, go get involved in church, get baptized, commit your whole life to Me–say Yes to whatever I’ve called you to, give your life to Christian ministry, get involved in youth ministry, move to college and singles ministry, get up and share your story, get involved in your counselor’s ministry, help this person and that one that He’d put into my path, start a ministry, do this project.”

If I would have waited till I was “done” or discouraged or given up because my temptations hadn’t lessened or changed, I would not have obeyed nor would I have found the answer. The answer is in Him and in His work. My reasons for not acting out have always been that it is not appropriate for a worker of Christ to be acting immorally. Most don’t have that reason because they’re not doing anything for the Kingdom, so they feel that they are only hurting themselves and at the time I’m sure they don’t view it that way. Doesn’t mean I’ve been perfect, far from it but I always had a reason to keep going, in God’s work. Blessed be the Name of The Lord, who has a great work for every single one of us.

(My comments to this morning’s FB SSA devotional group. Would encourage any SSA overcomer to join. Just ask–friend me first)

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