20130202-080752.jpgRead today’s Facebook SSA Devotion.   Accept God’s love for your life.

*These devotions are written daily by a godly older former homosexual gentleman who chooses to be anonymous.  They are posted to a FB secret group.

Read 2 Samuel Chapter 12

2Sa 12:24 Then David comforted his wife Bathsheba, and he went to her and lay with her. She gave birth to a son, and they named him Solomon. The LORD loved him; 25 and because the LORD loved him, He sent word through Nathan the prophet to name him Jedidiah.

I continue to be amazed at how God shows me new things from scriptures which I have read over and over for a lifetime! There is a beautiful overall picture of the character of God in this passage that I had never noticed; one which we SSA men and women need to see. We all know the story about how King David sinned with Bathsheba and added to that sin by having her husband killed in battle. Their first child, the one conceived through their unholy union, died not long after birth. Despite all their sin, and the suffering which ensued, God used the union between David and Bathsheba to further His purposes and will.

God Forgave. His mercy and grace bestowed upon King David is quite clear. Despite the sinful beginning of his relationship with Bathsheba, God sanctioned the marriage, even though it was a direct result of David’s indiscretions.

God Loved. His love for Solomon caused Him to name the boy Jedidiah, meaning “beloved of Jehovah.” What other person in all the bible was given a name so precious? Even His own Son wasn’t named “beloved of Jehovah.” It is amazing to even imagine that God would bestow this kind of honor on anyone. It tells us something about God’s nature which should greatly encourage us. Let us also remember that God loved Solomon even though He knew all along that Solomon would live the latter part of his life outside God’s will. That’s difficult for us to understand!

God Blessed. Again, despite all the mistakes which led up to this moment, God showed His mercy and love by blessing David and Bathsheba’s marriage and their son. He had a plan for Solomon (Jedidiah) which impacted the entire known world of that time.

This picture of God’s forgiveness, love, and blessing should give us great joy as we think about our own sinfulness, our shameful past. We often believe that we are the worst of sinners, and wonder how God could ever forgive us, love us, and somehow make us into a usable instrument of His will. Well, here is a beautiful example of just how this can happen for us.

As we repent and turn our lives over to Christ, all our past is forgiven as though it never happened. Forgiving our sinfulness, He shows us His love over and over in many ways. He takes our lives and shapes them into something productive and useful in His Kingdom.

You may be thinking, “That’s a stretch, to compare God’s caring for David, Bathsheba, and Solomon to His caring for the SSA man who has repented and is seeking God’s help in gaining deliverance.” I would think the same thing if I were you. When I was young, I could not imagine that God’s love for me was as real as His love for others. For so many, many years, I could not perceive that God could love a man with my sordid past. How could such a thing be possible? But it all became very clear to me, in 2001, when the Holy Spirit turned the light bulb on in my head.

My life is living proof that there is indeed a comparison. I have lived a long life, and as I look back on it and recount all of His blessings upon me I could never remember or list all of them. There is no way that I could be where I am today, immeasurably blessed in many ways, if God had not forgiven me, loved me, and blessed me. To help me remember this, in 2002 I ordered and received a personalized license plate, GDLVME, “God loves me.” This is to remind me of that truth anytime I am feeling unloved or discouraged. Even so, sometimes it is still difficult to believe.

What I am praying and hoping for you is that you come to see this truth at a much earlier age than I did. My great friends, never, never doubt His love for you. You are forgiven, dearly loved, and you will receive countless blessings over the span of your lifetime. Our enemy doesn’t want you to believe this. He hopes that if you doubt God’s love, you will give up your spiritual battle against same-sex attractions and live the remainder of your life in open rebellion against the One who loves you more than your mind has the ability to fathom.

Prayer: Give us the ability to receive and accept Your love. Help us to truly know that all our transgressions are covered. Show us that our lives are useful to You and beneficial to Your Kingdom.

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