20130216-100823.jpgToday was a teachers work day for the kids, and my wife, who substitute teaches to help our family out financially. So, that means everyone was up late and slept late, rather than the normal routine of the 5am alarm clock. Even then, its tough to get up, have my coffee and time with The Lord (Bible, devotion, prayer, journal), eat something, get to the gym and/or run outside or on the treadmill, and all by 9am. If you know me, you’ll know that this doesn’t always happen on that schedule, but I do try to always have the first part.

If you’ve read some of my very first blogs, you’ll know that I’m pretty regular on running and working out. That was not always the case, but I like how it makes me feel and I like being able to look in the mirror and feel good about not having a double chin anymore.

This morning, and many like it, are tough to make that routine a reality; when the kids and wife are home especially. I’m determined to not let their schedule or lack of one, during the summer and breaks, rule mine. I say that every time. Its tough. Many probably wonder what I do at my job. Its quite the seemingly impossible task and sometimes I have so much to do I skip the gym and go straight to work and work until 6 o’clock, eating at my desk. Today wasn’t much different, except today I headed home for lunch because Julie and the kids were home, and because I forgot to bring my lunch.

I had every intention of getting off work early to workout and go run outside. It was a beautiful day outside and about 63 degrees. Unfortunately, with one problem after another, I worked until after 5 o’clock on a Friday and my mind was fried.

Today, I skipped the gym and my run and headed home. What was for dinner? I’m afraid to say to some of my health conscience friends. My mom brought us fried chicken and eclairs. Julie supplied the brown rice. How many calories you think that was? And yes, I ate a whole full size eclair. After I got done I felt like throwing up. Why did I do that? Fried chicken maybe, rice okay, but that huge eclair? Ugh! I can feel it in my stomach as I write this.

I was laying on the bed, watching the DVRed news. As I laid there I thought, “Am I going to just lay here and do nothing?” I remembered my desire to go run today and to workout. “No. I’m not going to just lay here!,” I thought. “Get up!” Julie and the kids were doing their own thing. I decided I needed to get on the treadmill and have a run. I knew it would help me feel better and sure, I could burn that mistake of the eclair off.

Between Julie’s desk, the vacuum cleaner, and the scrap book table, I pull the treadmill out so I can see the TV, get my tunes in my ear, and get the fan in place. I crank it up….the fan, the music, then the treadmill. I get me a 5K post warm up at 19 minutes. Sweaty, with the heart pumping, and I feel GREAT.

I could have just sat there. I could have just sat there years ago when I decided to do something about it. Probably one of the things that helped me was reading Growth into Manhood and Wild at Heart. Men DO, Men conquer! I remember Growth into Manhood calling me passive and cowardice. I felt like I had been smacked, but I knew it was right. It was time to get off my butt! And I did.

I don’t feel good about myself if I haven’t broken a sweat and have some sore muscles and can see with my own eyes something that I’ve accomplished that day.

What’s ahead tomorrow? I don’t have it planned out, but I assure you there will be many a muscle used and sweat to prove it. At the end of the day, I’ll sleep well and I won’t have anxiety or depression. If I do have anything like that, I assure you that I’ll be talking it out, and praying it out, and it will come out.

Don’t let apathy have a place in your life. What is your eclair? Don’t let it defeat you. Get up and make a change! You can do it!

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Phil 4:13

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