This is excellent. I commented below. Randy’s a friend. Authenticity is the ONLY way the church has a chance to save itself from its dwindling numbers. If we are praying for others, how about let’s share our lives with others! How about let’s be REAL. Let’s stop ACTING like we don’t have problems and let’s start admitting the problems we have. Maybe your problem is that you can be a jerk occasionally. Maybe you struggle with depression, lonelieness like I recently wrote on. Start sharing and maybe someone else will find freedom too! Let’s show people that 1 Cor 10:13a is real! “There’s no temptation that has overcome you but what is common to man.” That’s how you show someone you care.

3 thoughts on “Authentic Relationships

  1. Thanks for reblogging this McKrae. I appreciate your encouragement and agree that we need to share our lives with others. That will take humility, selflessness, and in some cases sacrifice. I appreciate your contribution to the Body of Christ and am honored to call you friend McKrae.

    1. Amen friend. Back at you. Great minds think alike and you truly have a great mind. You are a trail blazer for sure. When I came out of the lifestyle 22 years ago, I didn’t know there was such a thing as a exgay or former homosexual. You and I and others like us have determined to not make it so hard for others to know that this life is doable in coming from and with SSA following Christ as Lord in submission.

      1. 🙂 … you are a fount of encouragement tonight. Thanks! I also love that the Lord empowers us to surrender all of ourselves to Him because He is so approachable and loving enough to give us back SO much more than we can surrender. But … you know all that 🙂

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