bless othersAre you a blessing? Do you need a blessing? I’ve learned that when I focus on my lack, all I do is get depressed, struggle, and feel hopeless, but if I bless others, I’m blessed in return.

I know financial struggles are a part of most people’s lives, especially in this economy. Many are working multiple jobs just to make ends meet. I could do that, but I would never see my children and would be too tired to do the ministry that the Lord has called me to. It is tough getting things paid both at work and certainly personally.

Recently, I had committed to paying a bill by the 16th but didn’t know how I could make that date. Last week I got a call from a client that wanted to help. They sent a check for $1000. Wow, God provided. And yes, I was able to keep my word and pay it on the 16th. This family was used, like so many that support Truth Ministry, to be a blessing.

Have you ever wanted to help someone but felt like someone else would or didn’t give to a need because you had little to give? Look around for ways that you can be a blessing in someone’s life. Where is the Lord directing you to be a blessing? Being a blessing blesses you!

Are you blessed by this ministry? Have you ever thought that The Lord might want you to be a blessing in return? If you have the financial resources to give, would you please consider doing so? Maybe you have a low income, as we do, but wish you could give. You can. You can give some amount of your money or time.

We’re building new websites that are going to have “chat” as a function. We will need help with this. Its not a counseling line, we will just be available to answer questions. I believe that this is going to be an exciting opportunity of ministry for us, but it may be stopped dead in its tracks if we don’t get the help we need. At this point, we don’t have the manpower to handle it if we get the response I’m expecting.

Our new websites, though being done at a much reduced rate, are going to cost in excess of $5,000. We’re doing more events, that cost money, and not everyone can afford to attend. Our office expenses exceed our income, so I cut my salary in half to keep things moving. Maybe the Lord’s blessed you financially. Maybe He’s blessed you with the gift of encouragement or intercession. Maybe he’s gifted you in other ways that you could be a blessing.

How’s the Lord directing you to be a blessing? If you need a blessing, be a blessing. That’s what I’ve learned. Need encouragement? Encourage someone else. The Lord created us for service. Serve with us, serve others around you. You’ll be blessed beyond measure, when you take the focus off of yourself and think of ways you can bless others.

We will be sharing other ways to be a blessing at the Church Equipping Conference coming up this Saturday. You should plan to attend. If you can’t get here, you can register for the DVDs.

As we pray for you, please pray for us and how The Lord wants to use you to be a blessing to others.

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