20130401-075426.jpgI’m so thankful that when I came out of the gay life, the internet was not in public use and was years from being so. So many get online and get in these chat rooms, and commiserate with one another. Some go off to camps to try to not be same-sex attracted. They agonize over their situation, live in silence; they share with no one, other than online, and go nowhere. Its sad and its certainly not God’s plan.

I put all my eggs into the basket of God, the church, and His people. When I did get involved in exgay ministry, it was not so that they could cure me of SSA; but so that they could help me understand and move forward. Seeing men as attractive, I never saw as this agonizing thing that so many do. And, I’m thankful that I found a counselor that promoted the Lord, and did not promote this unprofitable idea.

I wanted to be a godly man, maybe even feel more masculine. I wanted to learn what it was to be a godly husband, as I prayed for a wife every day, and to be a godly father. Scripture tells us to put Him first, then all these things will be added unto you. As I grew in Him, I grew in understanding of myself, I grew in understanding of other men and these qualities that I desired to grow in. As I invested in the church, vulnerably and honestly, they invested in me and affirmed me. Let’s not waste our time chasing after something that has no value, like a chasing after the wind, but let’s chase after Jesus and then we will become who He has called us to be, men of God. He has a plan, a work, for each of us.

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  1. Thanks for being honest, balanced and a Godly man. You are a great example to so many men. I am glad I discovered your ministry.

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