jason-collinsJason Collins comes out as the first openly gay, active, national athlete.  That was the-news-of-the-day, the first of this week.  That’s what led all the news shows and is all over the news blogs.  On the cover of Sports Illustrated he’s quoted as saying, “I didn’t set out to be the first openly gay athlete in a major team sport.  But since I am, I’m happy to start the conversation.”

I have absolutely no ill will toward Jason Collins or anyone in the gay community.  Despite what people write to me about how horrible I am and how horrible my ministry is, I love homosexual people and God absolutely loves homosexual people.  The one reason people go to Hell is not because they’re gay, but because of not knowing Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  I am no one’s judge!  I believe He draws us to Himself (John 6:44), we respond, and then He begins a work in us (Phil 1:6).

However, you’d thought Jason had cured cancer by the response he received. Not only was it the lead story on every channel, but he received a call from the President telling him how proud he was of him for being brave enough to come out and Michelle and he have his back.

Okay, great.  I guess that’s what it takes now.  We don’t have to do something great with our lives anymore; we don’t have to show great character; we don’t have to accomplish something great anymore.  All we have to do is embrace our homosexual identity on a public scale to be celebrated, because we are now a positive role model to encourage young people across the globe to come out.

So young boys who think girls are gross and only like their boy friends can now look to Jason Collins for their example.  But wait…. boys are supposed to think that girls are gross at a young age and like to hang out with boys.  Do we not think about children anymore?  Or do we?  Are we so selfish that we want to encourage anyone at any age to question their sexuality so that we can be comfortable in our own sexuality?

Like I said, I don’t have any ill will against Jason Collins AT ALL.  I don’t even have ill will for people who come out.  Does it screw up the family?  The old idea of family, meaning the days when we had a man and a woman committed to each other in marriage with 2.5 children and a dog was screwed up a long time ago, without the help of the gay community!  It’s not going to be gay marriage that screws up the family.  Our own selfish narcissism and godless ways screwed up marriage, the family and our culture.  We can’t blame Jason Collins or the gay community.  That’s what so many do and that’s certainly NOT what I’m doing.

Okay, good for Jason Collins.  He came out.  I’m sure he does feel better.  It’s the reason people do come out and the reason the gay community encourages everyone to do so.  It does feel better to come out.  They’re tired of living with the secret that they’re gay.  They’re tired of the pain; the shame; the secret that they’ve carried their entire lives.   There is relief once you’ve told everyone.  You’ve lived with the belief that everyone will abandon you, that they’ll think differently about you and that you’ll loose all your friends if you come out.  They can’t take the pain any longer.  They’ve seen other people come out, and they didn’t die and seem to be much happier now that the secret is out.  So, they come out and live “free” in this new identity.  Some, it seems like Jason Collins, become an activist for gay rights, as he wore a jersey with the number 98 during the 2012-13 season to honor the memory of the murdered now martyr Matthew Shepard.

The gay community has caught on to a biblical truth that the church itself has not caught onto.  We are supposed to confess our sins, however, Satan has twisted the biblical truth of confession in “coming out.”  There absolutely is freedom in coming out, but not the kind of freedom that they are experiencing.  They’re now chasing happiness, which is a never ending road and fighting for their rights.

James 5:16 is the #1 verse that outlines my ministry and my calling in life.  It is a verse that the church often ignores.  “Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. (James 5:16 NIV)”

I had a man in my office the day that Jason Collins came out, who I had seen before.  He shared some very personal things.  I had known about his battle with homosexuality, and falls after Christ.  I asked him, like all those I mentor, “Who in your life is there for you when you are struggling, when you’re tempted, feeling lonely, stressed or bored, to help you stand when you are weak?”  He paused and like most say, “The Lord knows.” The sad truth is they have no one, absolutely no one.  What a crying shame!  They believe that everyone in their life would reject them if they were to come out and say that they have same-sex attractions.  I told him that I have not known any man that is able to live life successfully without having godly men or women in their life that knew about themselves for fellowship and help.  I shared that he would continue to struggle and fail until he brought people into his life.  Of course, that can’t be right.  Unfortunately, he hasn’t heard this taught from the pulpit.  We’re only told to come to the altar and get right with God.

I tell you that unless you come out, you will NOT be free!

I’m waiting for the day when a national athlete, like Tim Tebow, comes out and says, “I have same-sex attractions, however I choose to submit my life to a biblical standard.”  Of course, that would be the most hated person on the face of the earth.  He would need body guards, and VERY thick skin because he would be hated by the entire culture and even some in the church that are completely ignorant about this subject.  But that is exactly what this culture needs.  I’m just not sure there is such a person out there that is that brave.  I do believe there are men and women out there that are in these lofty places that are doing this, but they do not dare share.  The sad thing is that some of them may give into the culture, instead of holding out for God.  The church sadly is either ignoring the issue of same-sex attraction or is not encouraging them to share in confession and testimony.

Well, I am a man with same-sex attractions who chooses to live by a biblical standard.

10 thoughts on “Jason Collins and What the Church Refuses to See

  1. Thank you McRae for speaking grace and truth. Too many in the church today either want to express one or the other. Calling sin what it is but demonstrating the grace offered by Christ even in the midst of sin is what we are called to do.

    1. Thank you Rob for sharing. We all have sin, its just whether we identify ourselves by it and celebrate it or we put ourselves under the Lord’s authority. God loves us all but none of us are given a special pass on our “thing,” as many see it, regardless of what sin it is.

  2. I wasn’t sure what you were going to say when I read the title.
    I experience this most of the time, after I share my testimony, I get the ‘hug of the cross’.
    Now I have a couple people whom I know that do not treat me like this but for the most part it is the simple fact of the matter.
    I tell my story, and most will respond praise God, ‘what a marvelous encounter you had with Jesus’. It’s kind of a 20 minute introduction to who I am and how God has transformed my life, with no follow up conversations.
    It is sad but true, the church, at least where I am unwillingly engages this struggle if at all.
    Very few people want to have a relationship or friendship with someone who willingly shares the love of Jesus towards the sexually broken.
    I too chose to live with a biblical standard, despite my SSA, and the ‘hug of the cross’.

    1. Wow Paul! You GO man! Very very cool. Thanks for publicly standing and being counted as a man among men and willing to admit that and join with me. There are VERY few of us out there. Our young people are being LOST because so few people will admit it and stand publicly and say, ME! I’ll stand and I’ll stand alone if I need to. I remember my former choir director said something in reply to me asking him why he did not stand the congregation to sing. He said, I’d rather them stand themselves. If you’re going to be the only person that stands, stand, stand alone, but I don’t want to stand people for the Lord. I thought, “Cool!” I stood alone, but then others would follow. Hopefully others will follow us!

  3. I could’t agree more McKrae. What a sad state of affairs it was yesterday. I had a few discussions of my own with facebook fans and foes. Thank you for sharing this. matthew

  4. McKrae,
    Thank you for your much needed post. I have consistently appreciated what you write and this is yet another example of stating what needs to be said. Thanks for taking the time to write this. I just wish there were more that got it.

  5. Hi McKrae,
    So glad you decided to respond thoughtfully to this current issue with Collins. The Tsunami has hit the shore and media and culture are the wind that keeps it up front and center ~ moving forward with such velocity that people are not able to think for themselves any more. Where are you men and women who will stand for biblical truth ~ in the midst of your struggles ~ IT IS OKAY to stand for the truth.

    “They deem him their worst enemy that tells the truth” Plato

    Grace abounds,

  6. Thank you for your courage and your faithfulness! Thank you for this post and for your ministry!

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