After 38 years of proclaiming “change is possible” to the gay community and the church, Exodus International announced last night that they are closing their doors. The news was released during the opening address given by Alan Chambers, president of Exodus International, at the 38th annual conference in Irvine, CA.

I was sitting in the second row, aware that the news was about to break. Exodus leaders were informed well in advance, so this was not shocking.

There have been such radical shifts in Exodus’ direction over the last 18 months that I did not believe that the Exodus network could survive.

Alan’s heart had been pierced for those in the gay community and especially those that said, “This “therapy didn’t work.” Tuesday, an apology letter was released to the general public via a press release that was shown to the Exodus leadership some time ago, many of us in ministry including myself, found much disagreement with.

The Lisa Ling show will air tonight with a circle of “ex-gay survivors” surrounding Alan and Leslie Chambers, sharing their hurt and anger towards Exodus and saying it should be shut down. As an FYI, the apology letter was shared with the participants on the Lisa Ling show.

I told Alan about three weeks ago that I had the intention to create the Hope For Wholeness Network (HFW), to fill the need that I saw with all the falling out over messaging with organizations that are helping individuals wanting help, but feeling they could not agree with its direction. Today, the new network seems much more than an option for ministries and individuals seeking freedom from homosexuality to live according to God’s design.

Personally, as a participant over 20 years ago, I never had a negative experience with Exodus International or its affiliates, at least through my local ministry. I walked into the local Exodus ministry, not even knowing it was a part of Exodus. Truth Ministry, the organization I lead that HFW is now a part of, has for a number of years now, replaced the Exodus local outreach. I was never promised change in attraction and it was not a goal of mine or a goal even implied. I wanted to leave homosexuality behind and one day get married, as many of my clients do in the ministry I lead today. Growing as a man in Christ was my focus. This remains the guiding strength of the outreach of Truth Ministry and now, for the Hope For Wholeness Network.

I am at the conference, leading the prayer team, sharing my story, and teaching a class on having a successful marriage, based on absolute transparency and Godly service.

If you have not seen my video blog Exodus Closing, I would encourage you to watch as I share much of this and more. I encourage you to watch Alan’s address, if you haven’t already, and the Lisa Ling show tonight at 8:00pm on the OWN channel (Oprah’s Network). Exodus closing is not something I have a position for or against, but I see Alan’s points and those that are very angry at Exodus for its past history that promised an attraction change. I also understand those that feel hurt, abandoned by the closure and outraged over this and language shared at the Gay Christian Network and other venues.

The Hope For Wholeness Network was created as an outreach for those seeking to submit their entire lives to their Creator, for Him alone to define, and to work with ministries, churches, and counselors that are equipped to share and walk along side these hurting men, women, and families.

God’s word tells us in Isaiah, “Behold, I am doing a new thing” that “the people whom I formed for myself that they might declare my praise.” (Isaiah 43:21 ESV)

For more information, I encourage you to visit our website at www.hopeforwholeness.org. And of course, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me personally.

4 thoughts on “Exodus International Closes Its Doors

  1. Thanks so much McKrae for your response. I appreciate knowing your thoughts. I think what is discouraging is the American Church as a whole. I think we have gone from being a body of Christ that would take up Christ’s call to die to ourselves and follow Him. It seems the main emphasis is what God can do for you. So it is not surprising that some of this philosophy has been creeping into para-church ministries including Exodus. I get the sense that if God “can’t” change your sexual desires, then He either is a failure as a God or He must be condoning it. Is that the only response we have? From my understanding, our joy is complete in knowing that our transgressions are forgiven – our sins are covered. Life transformation is lifelong and is progressive. Only as we die to ourselves will we experience more of Christ and our focus becomes less on how I am suffering and more on how joy is more complete IN suffering knowing that Christ is my all. My prayer is not just for what has taken place with Exodus but the Church as a whole – that we would return to Christ’s call on our lives to make disciples and ones that make Him the priority rather than our goals and benefits from being in relationship with Him.

  2. I am a public secondary school teacher. I taught in Las Vegas and now in Orange County. My husband and I also pastor and have been doing so for over 25 years. I am looking for curriculum for youth groups to teach kids about this issue from a biblical perspective. Can you please give me some recommendations? I saw your curriculum that is 17 DVD’s long. I’m looking for something shorter and focused towards Jr High – High School Students. Thank you. It’s refreshing to see this ministry and I pray God blesses it greatly! It saddened me so much when I heard Exodus apologized for their efforts and shut down. Our kids need answers more than ever, and the church needs to start dealing with this issue starting in kindergarten (just like the public schools are doing – but with the indoctrination of inborn gayness).I have read most of Joe Dallas’ books and think they are incredible and very well done. Thank you in advance for you help.

    1. My apologies on the delay. Not sure why I’m just now seeing this. I do not know of any short curriculum towards Jr. High students on this issue. You could use portions of our curriculum and teach yourself. You could also have a leader come address the school that is close to you. I’ve had pastors purchase our curriculum and play excerpts from it.

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