Good morning blog friends. I hope you had a good 4th. It poured rain here, but that did not stop us from shooting off some amazing fireworks. Our area has become somewhat of a rain-forest. Normally, by now, we’re in a drought. Today’s nice though, so I think I’ll go mountain biking. Hope you’ll get out and do something fun.

Before the holiday break, we spent all of our time getting our monthly ministry newsletter out. Many of you may already be signed up to receive our e-news and maybe even some the paper version. This is such an important newsletter, that I didn’t want you to miss out.

Many have not gotten over the shock of Exodus closing its doors after 38 years.  I have gotten messages from guys around the country discouraged.  Many do not know that my organization has created a new network, called the Hope for Wholeness Network, to start fresh and offer the true hope we have in the Lord.

Almost 100 former Exodus ministry leaders have joined our secret Facebook group, to discuss partnering in this new network. We’re planning a fall conference, to be held in downtown Greenville, SC. The picture shown is of a portion of downtown Greenville from the 4th. More details to come soon. Greenville is a gorgeous and thriving city that you’ll want to experience.  Here’s an image link.

We have done our best to explain all of that led up to the Exodus closing and share some on our new network, as well as share a couple of testimonies. One story if of a man, named Russell, that I have been and continue to work with who holds on to hope for his life and his family.

I hope you find that this newsletter brings clarity to the issues involving Truth Ministry, Hope for Wholeness Network, and Exodus International. Consider partnering with us.  More details of the conference will be coming soon.

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Click here to visit the new network’s site, that is still in progress.

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