2 thoughts on “Sometimes We Get Down

  1. Thanks for your honesty in these vlogs. The demise of Exodus hit me pretty hard; it really felt like a death in the family. I was one of those people who got into an Exodus support group in the early 1990s, expecting that I would be getting rid of my same sex attractions. When that didn’t happen, I got very depressed. Now I’m at a point in my life where I’m saying, “Okay, my SSA is here to stay. What now? How do I deal with the shame I feel, the continued insecurity about my masculinity and identity? Where do I go from here?” I wish I could go to the Hope for Wholeness Conference, but that’s not possible. I do pray for this new network, that you will be able to help all the guys like me who struggle secretly and silently in the pews.

    1. Tim, Thanks SO MUCH for your comment. I know that so many, if not most, do not comment out of fear of people finding out, so I always greatly appreciate people having the courage to share publicly, so thank you again. Also, I hate you can’t come. You can order the conference via a DVD/CD registration, so look into that. You’re comments are an incredibly welcome challenge that I very much feel up for the challenge and call for. That’s the reason I do this blog. Are you on Facebook? Please friend/private message me. If it’s money, I’d find a way to help you/scholarship you.

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