2 thoughts on “Mirrored Glasses Part Two. Getting Real

  1. I posted this on your Facebook. Didn’t want you to miss it. –>
    What an honor indeed it was to pray for you my friend. I like the fact that you are a great leader with valuable teaching to share. I love that you are approachable and genuine and honest with your temptations. I, too, saw that cop at the conference. As a 42 year old, out of shape guy who still struggles with self esteem issues, that guy represented things that I am not and the enemy just started piling on the temptation. I praise God for your honesty. I am finally in a place as a leader where I feel like I can share openly and honestly. The donors and board members of my ministry know my blogs are gut level honest. And to be quite frank, I don’t think people are drawn to perfect people. I think they are drawn to honest and open people who can admit their struggles before God and everybody, get up dust themselves off and get right back to living. Thanks for sharing this. I will follow you anywhere as God leads.

    1. Thanks Matthew. Having men (and women) like you following as God leads makes it so much easier to lead and to be honest. I cannot do this and be something I’m not–perfect/fake. Leaders struggle with the flesh, which as you so well described is our own feelings of inadequacies, envy, coveting. Being honest about it makes the darkness of our hearts and minds and Satan’s schemes flee. Only because you were there do I believe the Spirit led me to share as I did and ask for prayer. I believe The Lord had me do this not just for myself, but for the three of us, and for my talk to come alive in a way it wouldn’t have otherwise, and for this blog and these posts. I don’t believe God uses perfect/fake people. I believe they are stumbling blocks. Real to the end together:).

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