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Robert Carver and John Griffin have been a couple for 33 years, and they said they were “ecstatic” to learn they could soon make that union legally binding, possibly this week.

“I just wanted to cry,” said Robert Carver.

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to not hear appeals in five states is opening the door for the legalization of same-sex unions in North and South Carolina as both states’ bans are directly affected by the same appellate ruling that came down in Julywhen Virginia’s same-sex ban was overturned.

Carver and Griffin live in Buncombe County, where officials said may start allowing same-sex marriages in a matter of days.

South Carolina’s potential for allowing same-sex marriages is still pending,according to the State Attorney General. Many in the state still oppose same-sex marriage for religious reasons, including McKrae Game, president of Hope for Wholeness Network.

“Yes, I am opposed to same sex marriage, because it does not go along with a Biblical framework,” said Game, whose organization works with people who struggle with what they call “same-sex attraction” and choose not to act on it.

Game, who said he left the gay lifestyle in 1991, said he was able to do so through his faith in Jesus Christ.

“I still have same sex attractions, but it’s not how I define myself,” said Game.

Game said he is married to a woman, and while his organization does not protest gay pride parades or festivals, it does not support same-sex marriage.

Carver and Griffin said with Monday’s decision, they will no longer be “second-class citizens.”

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